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Ryan Hall began his journey into sound as a final mix engineer for a production house in Johannesburg – mixing audio for a variety of reality shows on Vuzu and Mnet. A few years later, he broke free from the daily grind, moved to Durban, and began his life as a freelance final mix engineer. During this time he was offered a chance as a location sound recordist on a shoot, whereby he quickly sunk his ears into this exciting realm of sound. Throughout these past years as a location sound recordist, Ryan has gained a wealth of experience on location shoots for Documentaries, International TV shows, live shows, TV adverts and Corporate shoots – you will need to look at his credits for all the details.

Furthermore, on top of location sound recording, he still finds time for post-production studio work as well, giving him experience in audio from start to finish!


I’m all about sound!


Production Sound

A production sound mixer / location sound recordist / location sound engineer / ENG sound, or simply ‘the sound man’ is the member of the production crew responsible for recording all the sound recordings on set during the film making, or production, through the use of professional audio equipment. This requires the deployment of microphones, placement of boom operators, choice of recording media, and the mixing of audio signals in real time.

With so much emphasis on visuals, sound can often be overlooked along with its golden rule – you can’t always fix bad sound! If you get it right the first time, you will make a good production into a great production. The real solution to getting great sound is by having a separate skilled location sound recordist. Remember, sound is half the entertainment after all.

My basic sound kit includes the following:

  • Sound Devices 633 (6 Channel Recorder / Mixer)
  • Sanken CS-3e microphone
  • Sennheiser wireless lapel systems
  • VT Lavaliers
  • K-tek graphite boom pole
  • Rycote windshield kit

Post Production Sound

Voice Overs│Sound Design│ Final Mix.

As a final mix engineer utilizing the latest Pro Tools, Plugins & R128 compliance specs, I can provide you with the following audio post production services:

Voice Recording / ADR

Whether you need a voice captured for a series or corporate video, or an ADR session to replace inadequate on set recordings, my studio can accommodate your needs.

Sound Design

Want to bring your visuals to life? Then schedule in a sound design session with me to add some magic to your edit.

Final Mix

Final mix entails editing, repairing, and mixing your dialogue, sound effects and music to broadcast standards (R128 compliant). From tv series, film and commercials, to radio and animated projects, no project is complete without a final mix

Some of my end clients include: Mnet, Mnet HD, Vuzu, Supersport, Trace Sports & Sabc to name a few.

Music Supervisor

A music supervisor is somebody with a broad music expertise and a sophisticated knowledge of music licensing and negotiation. Typically, a music supervisor proposes previously recorded songs to the director or producer of a film, advertisement, television show, trailer, promo, video game, or any other form of visual media. A music supervisor will usually act as a liaison between the creative and business ends of the process. Once a song is approved, they approach the rights holders of that song to seek permission to license (usually creating master recording licenses and synchronization licenses) and to work out the financial details of the song’s use. In many instances, the artist or songwriter of the recorded song is given the opportunity to accept or decline the synchronization of their song. Do you need help with your music choices? Let me help you.


To view my full credit list, please click on the following pdf link : Sound Credit List



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