A production sound mixer / location sound recordist / location sound engineer / ENG sound, or simply ‘the sound man’ is the member of the production crew responsible for recording all the sound recordings on set during the film making, or production, through the use of professional audio equipment. This requires the deployment of microphones, placement of boom operators, choice of recording media, and the mixing of audio signals in real time.

With so much emphasis on visuals, sound can often be overlooked along with its golden rule – you can’t always fix bad sound! If you get it right the first time, you will make a good production into a great production. The real solution to getting great sound is by having a separate skilled location sound recordist. Remember, sound is half the entertainment after all.

As a location sound recordist based in Durban, my basic sound kit includes the following:

Some of my recent & memorable location sound shoots include: Top Billing, Break da BeatMTV Base, Idols, 21 Icons, Miss SA and so many more. For my full credit list, please click here. Even though I am a Durban based location sound recordist, I have a South African as well as a British passport if travel is required.